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AVTECH PRO G700 2K All-in-One PC

AVTECH PRO G700 2K All-in-One PC is a must-have. Attention to details, sleek design and the power will make your work skyrocket!

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AVTECH PRO B20 All-in-One PC

Save space on your workspace with the AVTECH B20 PRO All-in-One. The model is equipped with a 21.5-inch screen, which allows you to place it on any desktop.

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AVTECH PRO G700 (144 HZ) FHD All-in-One PC

Reliability and high performance – the AVTECH PRO G700 144HZ Full HD All-in-One is ready for serious work and can cope with any of your tasks.

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AVTECH X5 All-in-One PC

AVTECH X5 All-in-One is a modern technology designed for daily efficient operation that has everything to make great solutions for your business

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AVTECH PRO V400 All-in-One PC

Perfect fit to modern office, beutiful shop, reception area or elegant addition to home interior. All-in-One PC will be a great tech assistant to your set tasks. 

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AVTECH PRO G70 All-in-One PC

Excellent performance with extensive features – this PC has everything to satisfy your needs. Moreover, its rotating screen will make your work on it more comfortable.

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AVTECH PRO K40 model comes in 24″ display, full HD resolution, screen rotation mechanism and beautiful design.  Adjust screen angle to watch movies or media files with comfort!

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AVTECH PRO G40 All-in-One PC

The AvTech ALL–IN–ONE computer has an inbuilt processor, memory card, loudspeakers, wifi receiver and more – everything you need for work.
Simply place it on the table and get to work!

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AVTECH PRO Q40 All-in-One PC

Thin frames and elegant design – this All-in-One will be a great addition to any office and will make the right impression on your customers.

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