How to clean your computer right – guidance!

Work-desk is one of the dirtiest spaces. Constant touching, food and dust is perfect place for germs.
Read this post and find out how often you should clean your workspace, and more importantly – do it in the right way.

How often we should proceed with computer cleaning processes?

Workspace must be cleansed on regular bases. Monitor should be cleaned at least once a week, mouse and keyboard – once every 3 months.
Here is how you do it… before you start cleaning processes, you must turn off computer and disconnect keyboard.


In order to clean monitor you should use specialized wipes, these wipes does not do any damage to the screen. Never use wipes with alcohol in it for disinfection purposes; however – soap water perfectly will kill all bacteria’s and viruses.


Turn your keyboard upside down and knock it with confidence; it will remove bigger pieces of rubbish. Cotton-buds are suitable for keyboard cleaning – moist a cotton-bud lightly with alcohol to disinfect. In order to remove rubbish and dust between keys – you should spray suppressed air (possible to purchase in any store specialized in computer store).

If you are trying to remove oily fingerprints from keyboard, use soap water by dumping soft material in it, squeeze and gently remove the stains. Keyboard should be completely dry before connecting it back to the computer.


The mouse should be cleansed with an alcohol. If you own a mechanical mouse, definitely clean the roll inside. Optical mouse is possible to open, clean it and close it again. Mouse cloths are washed in soap water and after dry it.
Have you done it? Work safe environment!

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