All-in-One Computer for your needs!

All-in-One Computers are perfect for homes, offices and home offices. AVTECH™ has stable position in the market for many years already and is well known monoblock manufacturer.

In this post we introduce All-in-One PC for various needs! Let’s start with simplest:

AVTECH™ G20 All-in-One PC

All-in-One Computers doesn’t take too much space. These computers are reliable and perform set tasks well. AVTECH™ G20 All-in-One PC is great as a family computer and for remote work.

Amongst our clients has thousands of students and households who are successfully using AVTECH™ G20 All-in-One Computer.

While designing G20 All-in-One PC,  designers and engineers tried to minimize the number of distracting details, but at the same time made the device as convenient as possible to use.

AVTECH™ PRO G40 All-in-One PC

This AVTECH™ All-in-One Computer is one of our client favorites as it has built high speed interfaces, which are designed for miscellaneous equipment connections, including barcode or credit card scanners. The AVTECH™ PRO G40 All-in-One PC is equipped with a Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n wireless module, which allows you to exchange data at speeds up to 150 Mb per second – almost like a wired network!

This is powerful device for your work. Its’ thin case and adjustable stand allows various computer positioning. Enjoy the experience!

AVTECH PRO G700 (144 HZ) FHD All-in-One PC

This powerful tool is perfect for work and gaming. This device has two purposes: work and gaming.

Its’ stunning 27-inch display with 2K resolution and an IPS matrix allows you to see even the smallest details. Its thin frame will allow you to get even more pleasure from work.

Gamers choose this All-in-One Computer for various reasons, for example, it has multiple USB ports, additionally it is equipped with a card reader, HDMI output, which allows you to connect another screen.  Its thin frame will allow you to get even more pleasure from your game.

AVTECH™ is just like conventional desktop computer systems in terms of features and functionality. Choose your All-in-One Computer here.

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